I am committed to the priorities I campaigned on, which are listed below. Some of these have evolved as I talked with members of our community, and I expect them to continue to evolve as I learn more and hear from more constituents as your councilor. For posterity’s sake, below are the issues that were listed on my campaign website during my campaign, through my election until inauguration.— Crystal


Crystal Paradis: Connecting Somersworth, Fostering Community

Improve Access to Our City’s Public Spaces

  • Lead efforts to improve accessibility to and quality of our city’s outdoor spaces
  • Work to make our library and public buildings more accessible
  • Establish Somersworth’s first dog park for our canine neighbors!

Increase Transparency and Accessibility in our Local Government

  • Modernize our municipal communications, particularly in the digital realm
  • Support efforts that regularly connect Hilltoppers and municipal officials and representatives
  • Promote transparency and easy access to information in all local government departments (i.e., master plans, HDC reports, election data)

Promote Forward-Thinking Community Development Policy

  • Promote smart zoning and land use policies that are resident-friendly and promote our vibrant small businesses
  • Make the proposed Little Indonesia project a reality in 2020
  • Identify and promote innovative policies and expand opportunities for community input

Foster Partnerships that are Good for Somersworth

  • Leverage relationships with statewide leaders, groups and resources for Hilltoppers
  • Strengthen collaborative efforts with our neighboring downtown of Berwick
  • Work with school board and community coalitions to strengthen our schools and resources for our youth

Advocate for the Wellness of all Somersworth Residents

  • Protect the Salmon Falls Watershed and other at-risk natural resources
  • Support first responder efforts that strengthen community engagement
  • Address the city’s opioid crisis with approaches that include harm reduction and expanded treatment and recovery efforts